Focus day by day with effect from its strategic location in our city, our import and exporter is an alternative that provides the speed and convenience of court; Port of Mersin-Highway location 5 km from Barefoot in the town; 6500 m2 closed; 40.000 m 2 open bonded area under temporary storage DRY PORT/land KAHRAMANLI Seaport.

Overseas and domestic bonded to our customers from Mersin port container Terminal Services by using the advantage of being the pitches (storage, shells, Interior installation, detection, scale etc.). Another; define; KaHRAMANLI Dry Port, import and transit customs transactions, including the entire service that you have received in a port, and provides a reliable alternative to our company in terms of speed.

The evacuation of the ship at the port of Mersin in the desired direction/containers/trailers loading to the ship made Kahramanlı Dry Port terminal services; Turkish Undersecretariat of Customs officers, the customs clearance of commodities in our field operations where they can. In summary; exactly the same as your business process in any port of the Kahramanli Dry Port is you can continue safely.