14000 m2 + 5000 m2 total 19000 m2, drainage system and all kinds of security system concrete measures have been taken, including Open Fields, Bonded bulk short-and long-term offers for your all kinds of load. Overland, as well as the port of Mersin has highway locations Arpaçsakarlar Gummy 3500 m2 closed in, 5.000 m2 open, bonded warehouse cold storage of 3000 tons in capacity has provided the service.


35000 m2 of Contaıner inner experıenced with our team of trusted Terminal, import-export, transfer, upload, waiting for your load, handling and so your business is at your disposal. Port-Highway location 5 km with Barefoot In; 14,000 m2 bonded, 35,000 m2 bonded container course within the framework of the plethora of science and technology, the most modern way prepared.



Refeer (refrigerated container) for the services of 96 pieces of electrical connection Panel (refeer plug) has been prepared by European standards. Pre-installation (P.T.İ.) services according to customer demand.