About us

ALI KAHRAMANLI transport services started in the 1970s, 1992 at Mersin in KAHRAMANLI INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI., threw the first steps of establishing KAHRAMANLI GROUP.

KAHRAMANLY's Asian and European countries have made to land transport has shown diligence and in "tight track" policy to bear fruit. ALKA TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS CO.LTD., KAHRAMANLI INSURANCE BROKERAGE SERVICES. and TURKMEN KAHRAMANLI companie continued to grow.

Gateway to the world of Asia and the Middle East front, when completing the location of logistics base that has been replaced by the splendid photograph KAHRAMANLI GROUP.

KAHRAMANLI GROUP warehouse and storage areas of administrative buildings, vehicle maintenance services, 11 assorted functions forklifts,2007 models 40-ton 200-person container loader and Kalmar brand with its expert staff is at the service of the Turkish economy.